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LHPD Receives Trauma Medical Kits

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The Brotherhood of Heroes Foundation donated individual Immediate Trauma Response Kits to each member of the Liberty Hill Police Department

Starting the holiday week off by donating our Code 3 Medical Services Individual Trauma Kits to every officer with the Liberty Hill Police Department . Our non profit charity Brotherhood of Heroes Foundation worked with local businesses and private donors so that the individuals we call on to keep us and themselves safe are now equipped to do so. Code 3 Medical Services has also offered free medical training as needed in the future in order to give them the best training possible when it comes to life saving medical skills. A huge thank you to Code 3 Medical Services, First Responder Fuel, Liberty Hill Pharmacy & Compunding, B&E Medical, and R&B Fabrications for donating to make this happen.


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